Perfect match of technology and human knowledge

Who we are

AdsInteractive was launched as an online sales house in 2009. During the first year, we exclusively sold the ad spaces of 30 websites, mainly to big European and Local Agencies. After successful and significant entry to the online sales market, our portfolio was growing heavily during the last 2-3 years and we introduced additional services to our portfolio members, through opening up new sales channels and solutions, next to our basic services to maximise potential partner revenues.

We invested significant time and resources into our global sales strategy to find the best web inventory management and monetization solution. Only having one goal in front of our eyes: increase and maximise revenues for our publishers through ad space sales and monetization. We’ve tried and tested several major regional and global products, which provides web inventory monetization services of some kind, and extracted the most valuable assets of each.

During the learning process and daily management activities, we took up quite heavy load of knowledge, know-how and internal management skills. During these years of growth and testing & learning process, our knowledge evolved into a new, unique solution and perfect match of technology and human knowledge and personal skills in monetization.


This is what is Ads Interactive nowdays - a platform for publishers, which quickly delivered the experience of a great monetisation company, who can already overstep leaders in the industry with the technological approach and ad optimalization experience we have.




350.000.000 monthly ad
impressions monetized

Ad spaces optimized


2250+ placements



40 million readers monthly


We currently serve over 350 million monthly ad impressions across a portfolio of 250+ web properties, reaching an audience of 40 million readers each month.

We partner with publishers among all major verticals and having monetisation experience over each specific content group.


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