The combination of technological capabilities and expertise in monetization creates tailored solutions. Resulting better eCPM, more clicks, 100% relevant ads, personalized offers.


The key is to target the right ad, to the right format, to the right website and audience, while optimizing the strategy and results in real time. The result: you need to experience.

PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE / RTB++: the ultimate way to monetise your site, giving you access to premium global ad networks and using all the features we offer from ad serving and ad space optimalization. We are giving you the key to PREMIUM ADVERTISERS world and all the benefits our daily management means. The most complete solution to maximise your revenues - experience all the benefits Ads Interactive can offer. We bring you more...



Make your ad spaces
on your website available


Real time bidding and 
connecting to premium ad networks 
with the highest paying advertisers




The highest rate of ad revenues

  • driving up your revenue through high-precision matching that delivers powerful results
  • audience-based buying
  • our managed technology resulting in the biggest profit from each user
  • getting access to the newest advertising features
  • we make sure that all ad implementations are optimized for every device
  • multiplatform solutions
  • we squeeze the best value from your inventory
  • targeting each visitor with the highest converting ads
  • in-house optimalisation technology
  • working out the most suitable monetisation solutions tailored uniquely to meet your specific needs
  • AdExchange account & management
  • DoubleClick ad server integration (if requested)
  • DoubleClick customer support
  • Real Time Bidding and Programmatic campaigns
  • Dynamic allocation
  • website & page layout plan
  • bid management, eCPM improvement
  • whitelist for Beta products (if available)
  • payment services
  • dedicated account manager
  • live chat
  • policy support
  • 24/7 customer service
  • account management services and advisory


Access to RTB++ publishers
Implementation premium ad networks

RTB++ system is opened just for publishers
with high rate of visitors. ADS INTERACTIVE
gives you the key to premium advertiser's

AdSence + Ad Exchange + Premium ad networks

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